More than the Eye Can See

I have a good friend who is a craniosacral therapist. And that is part of why she loves the day of the dead skulls. I have known for a few years I would eventually get around to making her a piece of art, and it took me awhile to decide on what it would look like. I was finally inspired by her birthday to make a multi -media art piece for her.

After a discussion one day, she shared with me some of the words she had been thinking about for the year- words like Trust, expand, compassion for self and others, acceptance instead of judgment. These words became the first layer on the canvas.

Now, just so you know, what I have in my mind doesn’t always end up looking the same way on the final product. Originally, I thought I would have rays moving out underneath the skull, and this is why the words are written in the way they are. Energetically, it is appropriate because we always start with a small idea and make it bigger, we wish to take what is inside to the outside world, etc. ( If I want to see peace in the world, I have to feel it in my own heart before I can take it to the world)

One of the reasons I love multi media art is because it is so process oriented and you really can’t go wrong. If you don’t like something, you can cover it up. Even if you do like something, you can still cover it up and allow the energy of its presence shine through the art. People don’t always know what is underneath the painting but they are attracted to it because of something. I believe the intention of my healing art shines through, regardless of what you can see.

The next layer was created with pieces that are important to my friend. Lots of skeletal pieces like feet and hands and hips were included in the design, as well as more words that resonated healing. The individual pieces are all glued down with matte medium, similar to modge podge but way better. I spaced out the colors to give depth to the next layer, which would be paint. As I am creating the background, I am also creating the background on the skull to make sure that the pieces meld in some way. I love the kneeling, praying skeleton and the hand coming down from above, as if anointing the person.( Check out the next picture of the skull to see this) I also added a foot, hand and pelvis to the mouth area because while on the skull, our mouth represents our communication with the world, we move with our hands, feet and pelvis as our way of interaction, and that was important for me to add.