Struggle Makes Us Stronger

There is a story about a young boy who was watching the progress of a caterpillar, forming a cocoon, waiting for the day when the butterfly would emerge. On that day, as the boy watched the cocoon begin to shake and move, he thought he would help the butterfly along by opening the cocoon with a pair of scissors. Unfortunately, the butterfly that emerged did not survive, because it was not strong enough. It was the process of shedding the cocoon that strengthened the wings so the butterfly could actually fly.

How often we would like someone to rescue us from the challenges we face. And yet, like the butterfly, in order to emerge stronger on the other side, we have to struggle through the obstacles that stand in our way. It is okay to ask for help, to have someone walk by our side, but we ultimately have to do the work of growing and healing through the process.

Cocoon time, the time of quiet and preparation before growing is necessary. It is when we are strengthening our hearts and our muscles for the time of awakening as a new person. Every challenge we face is an opportunity to grow, and each time we shed a cocoon, we emerge with new skills with which to tackle the next obstacle in our life. If there were never any bumps in the road, how could we become stronger, more resilient people? Let the butterfly remind you that struggle is a necessary part of the journey, and when we fully embrace change, we let our beautiful selves shine brightly in the world.

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