Walking the Labyrinth

Today, I walked the labyrinth at Unity on the Avenue Church on 17th Avenue in Denver. It was the first date I had with myself for a very long time. Here are some of the lessons I learned on my journey today:

There is no wrong or right way to move through life- there is only this moment to notice and embrace!

It is not about arriving and leaving, coming and going, beginning and ending- it is about becoming more aware of your journey at this moment, and finding peace.

I have a tendency to want to skip ahead in time- to look to what is coming next instead of really experiencing this moment. It took me most of the labyrinth to become aware of more than just the sound of passing cars- I finally tuned into the squirrel scampering up the fence, five different bird songs, and the crunch of the gravel under my feet. Then I noticed the blueberries, just two, dropped inside the path, and wondered who had dropped such a sweet surprise. When I was able to release the voices in my head, my heart steadied,and I became present to the world around me.

How is it that the 27 year old relationship with my husband and the 22 years of relationships with my children speak louder than the 48 years I have spent with myself? What I feel in the depths is a longing and desire to find me and develop a loving relationship with this soul, this body, this person who has been my life-long companion. I have no desire to tame her- rather I hope to unleash her passions for life and encourage her to come out and play, to increase the fun in her life. I want to love and accept all of her without judgment.

I am creating space in my life- setting my intention that quiet moments will be filled with conscious breath and more listening. The deeper meaning in my life will come with repeated trips to my center, moving deeper and deeper through the experiences in my life. And, like the author T. S Elliot says,

“We shall not cease from our exploration And at the end of all our exploring Will be to arrive where we started And know the place for the first time”

Will you join me as we wander through the inner wilderness our our own hearts, and learn to love ourselves for the first time?

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