This design comes from my large coloring book.  The energy of this design is meant to honor your own power.  When you color this sticker, using the meditation below, you are putting positive energy into your work.  When you wrap it around a water bottle, the water is absorbing the positive energy so you can then feel more confident as you move through your day.  Intention is a powerful thing!

Four inch sticker to be colored with Sharpie permanent markers. 


*Honoring Yourself - Your Center of Power*

The third chakra in the upper abdomen relates to our relationship with self. It houses our self-worth, self-confidence, and self-esteem. This is where we learn to develop and maintain boundaries with others.Do you make and keep commitments to yourself? Do you fully respect yourself as the divine child you are? Do you need approval from others?When you honor your own divinity, listen for the truth within, and believe in your own worth, you develop the ability to stand in integrity and have good boundaries with others. In this mandala, the sacred divine fire burns within your center of power. Take deep breaths to connect you to this center, right below your rib cage. See the flame of love within and watch it grow stronger as you breathe into this area of your body. Feel the power of Divine Love fill your being-ness, reminding you of your divine worth.



People love having the option of sticking this right on their water bottle.  These stickers are thick, durable vinyl that don't lose their color or stick in water or sunlight, and the vinyl protects against scratches.

Honor Yourself Sticker