I designed this deck of 32 self-care cards to aid you on your journey to greater wholeness.

As a self-care coach, I often heard clients say they didn't have time to take care of themselves.  I knew if I could show them how to take 3-5 minutes for themselves, they would eventually learn to carve out more self-care time. 

When  someone is on a self care journey, each step can be challenging. My cards are filled with love and support, because I am walking that same journey too,  It is very important to know we don't walk this journey alone. Each hand drawn card, infused with my healing energy, can be acted or reflected upon for 5 minutes or less.  Draw one a day and repeat so it becomes part of your routine. From my own experience, I know you will feel more connected, more compassionate with yourself, and therefore, have more positive goodness to share with others.


Learn to listen to your own intuition as you begin to reclaim tiny moments of your day. May your joy and delight increase as you take time in your day to nurture and care for yourself. 


There are ten introductory cards that discuss self-care, our notion of time, the importance of breathing, and how to walk a labyrinth, printed on the back of each card. 

These self-care cards make an awesome gift for anyone who struggles with self care, and who needs to take baby steps to reclaim time for themselves.

Moments of Delight Self Care Cards