This pair of prints will grace an office of a techie with beauty!  Designed for my nephew, these 12 by 12 prints, on archival paper, just need your frames to complete the look.  Sold together or separately, they will indeed make a statement.


Connections 2020 is completed in a hexagonal shape, with lines just not quite touching in the middle. It seemed to symbolize what 2020 was like for most of us. 


Surprise Ending is about the number 9. In numerology, a 9 means completion, to this print can send you energy to complete your tasks and projects.  It was a surprise because I set out to make an 8 pointed star and it didn't finish that way!  


Completed with micron pens, these two prints will bring joy to your modern office. 

Office Connectors

$80.00 Regular Price
$40.00Sale Price