This beautiful  4 inch design comes from my large coloring book. The energy of this sticker is about opening your heart to all that life holds for you, and choosing love over fear.  Color this sticker with heart energy and wrap it around a water bottle to remind you of your willingness to live with your heart open.

Meditation below is from Healing through Color coloring book. 


Sticker is made with thick, durable vinyl  which protects against scratches, water & sunlight. Color with Sharpie permanent markers.


Open Your Heart Chakra

Often, people build around their hearts, hoping to protect themselves from hurt. Hurt still happens, regardless of what walls we build.   What we are blocking is our ability to feel deep love and joy. What hurts do I still need to heal? Who do I need to forgive?  Often we need to forgive ourselves.

As you color this mandala, focusing on bringing love in and moving love out into the world. You can imagine this happening with your breath.  "I breathe love in, I breathe love out." As you share love with others, your heart chakra begins to expand. You might find yourself in a place to fully receive all the love being offered back. It is worth the time it takes to remove the armor from your own heart. What am I protecting my heart from?  Because of this armor, what am I not allowing in? 

The miracle in our lives is allowing ourselves to be transformed by love, rich in abundance, changing the ordinary moments in our lives into extraordinary experiences.  Allow love in!


Open Your Heart Sticker