This 8 x 8 mandala coloring book contains detailed designs and suggested meditations to move you to more self-kindness and compassion.  While these designs will take you longer than the smaller coloring book, there is more to reflect upon while coloring.  Write in the margins when you gain an insight, color over a period of time, allowing change to occur.  Even if you color five minutes at a time, it is the awareness of change that matters. Bound at the top for easy coloring for right and left handers!  Includes 3 colored mandalas to enjoy and 21 mandalas to color.

Sample meditation:  Protection

You are save and loved. Angels surround you and offer their protection.  Everything you need is within you to achieve your highest intentions.  Call on the angels to help you release doubt and fear and know they hear you! As you color this mandala, focus on where you want to be, not how you are going to get there.  Allow Divine energy to take care of the how, and trust that all is unfolding in right timing.

Your Journey to Healing through Color

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